12v Solar Panel

A 12v solar panel is one that is smaller than the average domestic solar panel, with an energy output of 12 volts. It harnesses solar energy but in a relatively limited capacity. Its convenient size and portability make it an effective and reasonably priced option for the purposes of small device and gadgets within the panel’s power range.

Main Uses For 12v Solar Panels

By themselves, 12v solar panels do not generate enough energy to run a whole domestic set-up. However, they are effective enough to power individual gadgets with small energy needs.They are popularly used in caravan or RV appliances, field communication radios and golf carts. 12v solar panels are also used to maintain car batteries and power garden lights and pumps on garden water-bodies and related marine gadgets.

12v Solar Panel

12v Solar Panel Kits

The 100W 12v Photonic Universe folding solar panel kit is suitable for use in campers, caravans and boats. It is a comprehensive kit with full portability. The kit uses high-performance monocrystalline BOSCH solar cells. The solar charge controller employs Pulse Width Modulated technology and protects batteries automatically from the effects of overcharging. The kit comes in a durable foam-lined storage case and is totally waterproof. With a maximum power voltage of 17.5V, the controller can be adapted to suit batteries with varying charge parameters and provides protection against short circuits.

The 100W AKT solar panel kit is fitted with a durable 50W AKT solar panel, 10A charge controller and 5m cable to suit a 12v system. Built to be durable outdoors, the all-weather rainproof system uses high-efficiency AKT monocrystalline cells and a sealed aluminium frame to deliver upto 20 years of use. The charge controller employs MCU and SCM technology to sustain the battery and improve its longevity by addressing over-charging/discharging and potential damage from flawed wiring. Maximum power voltage numbers 17.5V and is complemented by an LED system to inform users on charging and battery capacity along. The PWM system regulates charging and prolongs battery life.

12v Solar Panel Battery Chargers

The Sunforce 50013 1Watt Solar Battery Charger is suitable for motorcycles, personal water vehicles, ATVs, snowmobiles and Tractors. The kit includes a complete set of wire, battery clamp, connector and fuse accessories for easy set-up and use. The amorphous solar panel works across a range of weather conditions. The portable, light kit is designed to simplify assembly and installation.

The Instapark All Black 5W monocrystalline solar panel with charge controller delivers a maximum power voltage of 17.5V. RVs, ATVs, boats and outdoor equipment can be powered with this Instapark kit. The charge controller monitors and prevents batteries from overcharging. Instapark insists that mono-crystalline panels can outlast amorphous panels and deliver greater wattage. The kit is also suitable for supplementing domestic energy use and backup systems.

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